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Woodturning Collaboration
Anne Ruppert & Rod Stabler (Rod's Bio)

Rod and Ann began joining their art forms about 5 years ago by marrying Rod’s love of natural wood with Ann’s love of mixed media art.  Their current collaboration joins a variety of woods and the versatility of polymer clay with pastel chalks and alcohol inks.

Rod selects the raw wood and cuts and dries the wood for all of his turned pieces.

Inspired by the character of each unique piece he turns it to best display the beauty of the natural wood. According to the demands of the wood a platter, bowl or vase is born.

Ann again works with the character of the wood to create a complementary design for each creation. Polymer clay is rolled, painted, stamped and cut to fit. Each tile is cured with heat and cooled before being fitted into the recessed channel of the piece.

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