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Encaustic Paintings

Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax, involves creating art works with pigmented wax on several base coats of beeswax containing damar varnish. The waxes are heated and as they dry are manipulated with a torch, heat gun or heat lamp. Materials can be encased, collaged or layered into the wax. Because the medium is maleable it can also be carved.   

Cold wax painting is any painting that uses a cold wax medium. I use Gamblin Cold Was Medium in my paintings. The medium is mixed with oil paints to create texture and depth. Cold wax and oil paint can be used on canvas, canvas board, encaustic board and other prepared surfaces. It is fun to experiment with this medium to discover a variety of textures and impasto techniques within the same painting. Brayers, stencils and objects like screens, stamps, sponges and other textural elements can be used. Cold wax medium provides endless possibilities for experimentation.

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